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Reviewing Chime, from my steam games

Reviewing my steam games, this time looking at the musical game Chime, by Zoë Mode.

All chime happens to be is putting down different shapes on different game boards while music plays. And on the surface of that it is hard to see why it is a very addictive game.

So it is in the little details that this game comes alive. Each of the six levels is really just a different song. Each time the beat bar goes down the playing field left to right it triggers different sound loops based on what shapes it encounters as it goes. When you have created a block of three by three or larger rectangular section a different sound will be triggered. The section you have activated will start to fill up. While it is filling you can add to the sides of the section and spread it. You score points based on the final size of the section. The more of these sections you can create all the stray pieces are cleaned up the higher your score multiplier.

I played each level once with the sound on, but for my replays of the game I have just been leaving the sound off. As neat as it was the first time to hear the game react to how you were mixing up the pieces, it loses something after the first six minutes. And with easy mode being nine minutes on a map I honestly felt the music overstayed its welcome by the time I was done.

This last is especially true for the song 'Still Alive' by Jonathan Coulton. I am a big fan of the song, but unlike the other five it was added to the game because it was popular not because it fit the format of the game. So they broke up the lyrics and you only hear them when you complete a certain amount of the map. It is very distracting as you find yourself waiting for the next verse to start so you can sing along, or the final line repeated twenty some odd times as you attempt to finally clear the map.

To clear a map, the objective of the game, you need to fill every square with a completed section at some point. Not all at once, but just at some point. When a section has finished being filled in as stated above the beat bar will touch it and 'stamp' it down onto the playing field. This allows you to place new shapes overtop and prevents you from having to panic if you drop something in the wrong spot.

I personally cannot think of anything else to say about the game, it is really that simple. I have 7.3 hours of game play on record, plus I have finished all the maps. So a total value under my system of $12. Much higher then what I paid for it, and if you get the game cheap I can suggest that playing each level at least once is worth it.
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