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Reviewing Delve Deeper.

Reviewing my steam games, this time digging in with Delve Deeper by Lunar Giant.

Delve Deeper is a clever little turn based strategy game featuring up to four teams of dwarves digging in the name of their king for treasure. Each team is make up from Miners, Warriors or Scouts to the choice of the player controlling them. Then using the strengths of each type of dwarf you delve into a map trying to bring home more loot then the other guys.

I actually had some problems when I first got this game. It didn't want to run on my laptop, a secondary computer I have. The tech support from Lunar Giant was quite friendly, quick to respond to my request and had a patch out within a week that helped get the game running. Another week or two and a second patch resolved all the issues that I was aware of. I was also able to play the game on my main computer, so it wasn't a buggy release, just the age of the laptop in question.

My other first impression of the game was on the lack of online multiplayer. As a simple turn based game I had picked it up to test it out. If I enjoyed it I would have badgered one of my friends into getting it just for the chance to battle them online. I prefer to battle in turn based games over FPS because I can win in turn based ones. But the listed multiplayer feature is limited to a hot seat approach. Which would allow for up to four people to play against each other, if they don't mind sharing the same seat over and over.

The graphics themselves are fun. Each of the dwarf types animated for a walking, fighting and mining animation. The foes are also styled in a cute over realistic. This ties in to the writing style. Each of the official maps comes with some comments from the king before you begin. These brief little lines are often cleverly written – at least the first time you read them – and add to the game.

This is also another game where there is no story beyond what you want to make yourself. Each map feels more or less like all the others. Sure some have more grey goblins over green slime, but one monster is just like another in the middle of a battle. It will be hard to determine when I have finished this game. I am not sure which maps I have completed successfully and which I haven’t.

One last thing to find some extra value in the game is on the treasure descriptions. Most of them are based on making fun of the dungeons and dragons style treasure. As they are random collecting the whole set (which is an achievement) will be almost impossible.

I have put in over fifteen hours. I don’t regret it, but I am not sure how much more I’m going to get out of the game. I also cannot say without reservation that the game is worth collecting for full price. But the game was cheap enough during the black Friday sales.
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