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Zen Bound 2 up for review.

Reviewing my steam games, tied up this time with Zen Bound 2 by Secret Exit Ltd.

Zen Bound 2 is a little puzzle game. Puzzling in its very nature for the game is a little abstract. The goal is to use a length of rope to wrap up objects, covering as much of the object as possible. The game shows this your progress by painting the object as you wrap it. The designers believe the game is more relating then stressful.

When the game first was listed on steam the game design interested me. So it was with some happiness I picked it up when it went super cheap. So far it hasn’t disappointed me.

As the game is simple, the graphics look quite good. Each puzzle starts with a 3d object – usually an abstract shape- and a length of rope to tie it. The rope moves and shifts in a mostly realistic means. Sometimes you will see an odd and visible artifact as the textures on the rope sections don’t line up. But I have to say I was looking for those so it is possible the casual player will not notice.

There is no story in the game. You just have to complete all the puzzles on all the trees and finish all the puzzles. One little detail is that there are two achievements that I may never get. The first is to get three flowers (the highest rating) on all the puzzles in the game. The second is to erase your progress once you have gotten three flowers on all the trees.

Actually the game did a good job of keeping itself true to a theme. You have a list of trees to complete, each with some loose theme. People, birds, and so on. Each puzzle has three levels of completion. Each level you achieve causes a flower to bloom on the tree. This gives you a very nice impression as you scroll up the tree to wherever you left off playing.

I have put in just over my hour into the game, so it has a value of $1 to me. This is roughly what I paid for the game so it is a break even at this point. But I have to say that I will keep this one on my computer as well. I do look forward to solving all the puzzles here.
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