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Reviewing my steam games, this time an old classic called Manhole from Cyan Worlds Inc.

This is an interesting little game, if that is the right word. What we have here is a classic 1988 program that has been recreated with full sound. This program took you into a world through the manhole, after the white rabbit. It wasn’t a game that had an evil wakened for you to kill, nor any foes at all to overcome. You just explored the world that was offered.

I didn’t know that when the game launched for the first time. So I spent half an hour just moving around looking for what barriers I was to overcome, what foes I needed to defeat. I didn’t come across anything that stopped my travels.

I don’t regret the exploring, but my brief visit left be confused. There was nothing for me to battle, so I ran to wikipedia to look up the game. That revealed that there was no goal to this game. No walk through to explain where I was to go and what I was to overcome.

The graphics are simple, about 520 by 360 pixel images done in 16 bit colours. They are fun and childish, and often very silly. You will find a sunken ship, and in the hold of that ship you will find a forest with a bear at a door that leads up to a castle. The bear says something to the effect that when the ship sunk the hold only had seeds, now it has a forest.

There is no story here either. The world is in status. So you can talk to a number of characters, but they will never change.

I’ll save this game for my son, I’m not sure what he will make of it when he is old enough to explore this world. I have put only 30 minutes but paid nothing for this game so I’m going to call that good enough. Not counting it as finished, but not going back until my son can take the helm.
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