jon_a_ross (jon_a_ross) wrote,

Reviewing games: And Yet it Moves

Reviewing my steam games, this turn of the page looking at And Yet It Moves, by Broken Rules.

What you find here with And Yet it Moves is a very true to its design platformer. The idea is that your character, made up of different bits of a paper drawing, is moving through a whole world made out of paper. The backgrounds and foreground is constructed out of collages of paper images. And as you are a paper construct in a paper world you can turn the whole environment to solve problems.

So, the first example the game gives is a cliff that is too far down for you to just jump. You leap over the edge and then rotate the whole world so that your character falls only a few feet instead of to his death. All of this is explained in game by little notes tacked to the paper. Almost nothing breaks out of this metaphor. Black becomes death, a space where there is no paper.

And you will die. Lots. There is an achievement for dying one thousand times. I finished the game and had only two hundred deaths to go in order to get it.

But to make up for that (or perhaps because of that) there are numerous checkpoints throughout the whole game. Each level uses these checkpoints to not only mark your progress through the level but point the way to the next checkpoint.

The images and graphics are simple paper craft or collage pictures, but you do need a more powerful computer then you would think to run this game. The graphic demands are not overly great, but strong enough that when the computer chugs while you are playing it can lead to your death. At least that is my excuse.

There is no actual story that I can tell. You just want to get from one end of the map to the other. Nothing else to the game, no reason why you are trying to escape or where you are going. But the whole world is very well developed.

I have 5.8 hours in the game and I have finished it, giving it a value of ten dollars. There are some challenge modes, for speed running through the game in under an hour. I don’t think that is going to happen. I also don’t think that I personally will return to the game, but I may keep it around just to show other people.
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