jon_a_ross (jon_a_ross) wrote,

Looking at Cogs for my steam game review

Reviewing my steam games, today’s game is Cogs by Lazy 8 Studios.

Cogs is a clever little puzzle game. You slide tiles around 3D objects attempting to connect pipes, link gears or otherwise bridge gaps to make the 3D object work. I am not personally a big fan of those one piece missing slide the tile around games, but I really do enjoy Cogs. Perhaps it is just because I am fond of computer games that this one reaches me.

When I first launched Cogs I didn’t know quite what to expect. I believe that I got it as part of a five pack of Indie Games. Cogs wasn’t the game I was getting the pack for but I have to say that sliding bits and pieces around to solve puzzles is a great five or ten minute time waster.

Graphically the game is simple, but far more detailed then it would need to be. Each puzzle is modeled in 3D, even if it is only a 2D problem. This lets you use the same interface and handling when you come to a 3D problem, getting steam to both sides of a cube or similar. I don’t think you could increase the graphics on this game and actually improve the game in any way. Well done to Lazy 8 Studios for finding that perfect mix of simple to complex balance for their game.

No story to speak of, just 50 puzzles to solve. Each time you solve a puzzle you are rated on how many moves it took you and how long it took for you to solve it. The better, the more gears you are rewarded. You need 300 gears to finish the game and view the credits (which may or may not be a puzzle). Each time you solve a puzzle you are awarded 3 gears and then you can earn up to 6 more. So you have to earn six gears on average for each puzzle to be able to finish the game. It means I’ll have to do some of my completed ones over again.

I’ve put in only an hour or so into the game but it was a good hour. So it has only earned a dollar under my value system, but it will be sticking around as a good way to spend those spare moments thinking.
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