jon_a_ross (jon_a_ross) wrote,

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

Shooting through my steam games, this time with Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days by IO Interactive.

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days is a 3rd person shooter set in a dark Shanghai. I played the game co-op, over two nights. Playing with a friend was the way to go, as the gameplay itself wasn’t anything special to bring be back to the game.

Actually I cannot decide if the style choices the game when with harmed it or helped it. The game chose to look like a gritty handheld documentary style game, with the issues a low quality camera would have in the places the characters go. Adding to this is a curious drive to make it a dirty realistic game and still have a pg-13 rating. All the extreme acts of violence as well as the nudity have a digital pixel distortion going on. The look was clearly meant to be what you would see for a TV documentary.

Most of the issues they faked, lens flaring, vertical lines and so on, can be turned off. And I did, because they got in the way of actually shooting people. The digital distortion couldn’t be removed officially, but you can download tools from the internet to remove it if you want. While I didn’t my co-op player did for the second night. His reports were that you didn’t see anything, as there was nothing to see. So a face that was blurred out because it took a shotgun blast at point blank range was just the characters face normally.

The game really wanted you to play it as a multiplayer over and over again experience. Which I think is why they drove to have the low pg rating. If you could get six or eight teens to play the game for a couple of hours a day and talk about it to their friends you can get a stream of income. It would also explain the downloadable content (DLC) for sale. None of it adds to the main game, but rather exists just to change up the verses multiplayer. Some of it even gives better weapons, which seems unfair. I personally didn’t try any of the verses multiplayer.

The story is quite bad, almost lazy. The characters are so stereotyped, and the world so two dimensional, that it was physically painful at points. And short, as I was able to finish it in less than five hours. I think the writing and design team just gave up, which is why you have a level in which the characters are naked trying to escape from the mob through a closed mall. Clearly they thought we have this centering software in place we might as well use it as much as possible.

Calling it finished and just over five hours of playing I’m going to give it a value of $10. About as much as a new movie, and it was about that much fun. But two player co-op was the only way to do this.
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