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Written on the train

The guy who sat down across from me would not normally have registered on me. The train was full of people drained from a day of work. 
I had other objectives in my mind that interfered with my usual people watching. 
But he had a tattoo on the webbing of his left hand. 
It was a tattoo of the yellow sign. 
Not that crude three lines in a vague triangle but that of a master. 
Dozens of points that roughly described the simple shape, yet those dots were also runes. 
Layers upon layers. 
I had to look away. Trying to focus on the details of the tattoo would only make me stand out. 
I think he saw my interest anyway. 
He got off at the next stop, losing himself in the crowd. 
It didn't matter. 
I never saw his face. 
That didn't matter either. 
I had already been give the address of his family. 
Right now, they were all that mattered. 
My masters had spoken. 

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