jon_a_ross (jon_a_ross) wrote,

The Wild Wild West (part 1 as my son is demanding more attention)

Watching the third season of The Wild Wild West. From 1968 this season is… The story idea is very similar to the horrible movie that came out if it years later. We have some spies running around the old west using advanced technology to solve villain of the day stories. Using pocket sized gramophone players to cause a distraction, special bullets that stick into the barrel of their pistols and so on. It is quite silly overall.

But what I notice most is that they had a limited pool of extras. So the three thugs that were hiding up a tree guarding a giant tuning fork that was being used to destroy buildings are also part of the midget evil genius circuit gang. And part of the drug smuggling ring. The lady who runs a penny arcade is also the most beautiful actress in all of the states the next week.

It really does distract me.

Michael Dunn is the actor that played the evil genius, . The list of films he was in both impressive and sad for the roles he was given. Yes, in the Wild Wild West they make a number of Napoleon Bonaparte references. A joke that Jack of All Trades would use over 30 years later.
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